about Oceanus Resort & Ko Phangan, Thailand

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Transportation to Oceanus resort is very easy and convenient. For more information, please click Transportation. .
Oceanus resort is located at Thong Sala beach in the south coast of Ko Phangan. For more information, please click Ko PhaNgan.

LatLang: 9.705833,99.993111
Oceanus resort nicely situated on the most safety seashore of Ko Phangan. Swimming in the sea is almost all year round. During the high season guest can swim all day. During the green season (May to October), shallow water, guest can swim half-day.
The resort organizes taxi-service to the party. And on the full moon night, taxies run around all day and night.

There have not been cases of malaria recorded on Phangan Island. The resort has a pest control program in operation and for that reason the population of mosquitoes is rather low on our property. If you are concerned then you may wish to apply an insect repellent.

If you intend to spend a lot of time in the northern regions of Thailand where malaria is more common you should consult your doctor or local health authority for advice re anti-malarial medications.

There are plenty of motorcycle, quad-bike, jeep and car rental shops on the island. But the landscape and some of roads are the cause of many accidents. We recommended you to rent a car or taxi-service.
Yes, our menus have been expanded to provide the dietary requirements for vegetarians and vegans. Also, on occasion, we have managed to provide foods if so requested. If you have special needs regarding food please inform our staff when you reserve your accommodation.

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