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Diving at PhaNgan

Why learn diving at Ko PhaNgan?

Ko PhaNgan is situated south of Ko Tao and north of Samui making it an ideal central location with easy access to all the prime dive sites such as Sail Rock and Angthong Nation Marine Park. The island is mainly mountainous jungle surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, with several beautiful coral reefs.

Unlike neighbouring Ko Tao and Ko Samui, Ko PhaNgan has been avoided the higher volumes of tourists and the developments visitors bring. As a result most of the island is reserved as National Parkland. Although PhaNgan now has a network of developed roads and more upmarket resorts, the island has been managed to retain its natural beauties.

In addition to diving and snorkellling, there are many activities to be found; kayaking, jungle trekking, elephant trekking, kite surfing and of course for the revellers on the south of the island, the full moon, black moon, half moon and any kind of moon parties.

Small diver groups (maximum 4 people), long dives (1 hour plus & air supply permitting) and consistent safety standards. And fully first aid equipped & trained, access members of the local recompression facility, sponsors of the Divers Alert Network & a Tourist Authority of Thailand approved operation.

PADI Courses

Open Water 4+ days Baht
Advanced Open Water 2+ daysBaht
Rescue Diver3+ daysBaht
Emergency First Responder 1 dayBaht
Divemaster4+ weeksBaht
Assistant Instructor2+ weeksBaht
Scuba Review 1/2 dayBaht


Discover Scuba Diving 1 day Baht
Discover Scuba Diving on boat trip (2 dives) 1 day Baht
Snorkelling Trips on boat trip 1 day Baht

Diving Trips

Sail Rock   Baht
Angthong Marine Park   Baht
Ko Tao   Baht
3 Dive Special   Baht
Ko PhaNgan   Baht
Beach Dive at Mae Haad   Baht
Night Dive   Baht

Dive Sites

Sail Rock

Only an hour trip from Ko PhaNgan and a focal point for all the marine life in the area, Sail Rock rises 15m above sea level and extends down to 40m. Great underwater scenery, many different varieties of fish (often in big schools) and one of the best places to spot whale sharks all make Sail Rock the most famous site in the Gulf of Thailand.

Angthong Marine Park

Home to some interesting creatures including turtles and sea snakes, the islands of Angthong Marine Park offer a great choice of sites to explore. It is more shallow than some of the places we visit, with vibrant colours, fantastic corals and the biggest range of fish around; you will be glad of the extra bottom time to enjoy it fully.

The Pinnacles

Southwest and Chumphon are our 2 top pinnacle sites. They rise to between 7m and 14m of the surface and drop down to depths of 25-40m. Magnificent anenome fields carpet the tops of the pinnacles with black and soft corals at depth. Schools of snapper, trevally, rabbitish and batfish, as well as some of the biggest grouper around.

Ko Tao

There are a variety of interesting places around Ko Tao worth a visit. Our favourites include Shark Island, Tanote Bay and the numerous sites up the East coast. We choose to dive in these areas of Ko Tao as there are not so many divers! and chances to spot turtles, leopard shark, unicorn fish and other special marine lives.

Ko PhaNgan

Though not so well-known, the reefs from Chaloklum beach and down the North West coast of Ko PhaNgan, especially Mae Haad beach remain in good condition with an extensice range of hard corals plus plenty of tropical and pelagic fishes. The shallower sites mean longer dives; easy off the beach but also possible by longtail or big boat. *Night diving is always a pleasure.*

Special Trips

The 3 Dive Special is a tour of the top pinnacle sites; a full day outgoing in search of the big pelagics; a favourite! Our Liveaboards are a 2 day/1 night excursion futher into the Marine Park or around Ko Tao, in season.

Discovery Scuba Diving

Discovery Scuba Diving is the perfect introduction to the underwater world; off the beach or on a full day's dive trip. A clear briefing, a safe shallow start andthen great diving....


The PADI Open Water Diver programme teaches you all the basics of safe diving. It takes 4 days with theory sessions, shallow water training and 4 proper dives. On completion you receive PADI "Open Water" certification.

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